In Chinese, there is a proverb that says, “If one does enough good deeds, one will gain more than enough blessings to spare.” The restaurant name 慶有餘 (pronounced Hing-Yau-Yu) is a derivation of the latter while also referencing abundance and celebration. Similarly, in English, the name Cornucopia has its origins from Greek Mythology. Cornucopia, literally “horn of plenty” was said to be the goat Amalthea’s horn from which infant Zeus used to drink milk. Subsequently, the cornucopia is most often associated with harvest, prosperity and abundance. With the customer in mind, Cornucopia Fine Dining hopes its name will transfer luck and joy onto its dining guests.
Serving traditional made-to-order Dim Sum and Cantonese dishes, Cornucopia Fine Dining strives to deliver only the best of the best. Natural and organic meat and produce are hand-selected by Head Chef, Eric Yeung, on a daily basis and then prepared meticulously in the kitchen with his staff.

Using only the freshest of ingredients, Cornucopia Fine Dining offers an exquisite taste into the world of Cantonese Cuisine. Dishes prepared with no MSG and small amounts of oil, salt and sugar, Cornucopia is definitely an ambassador of a true and authentic experience to healthy eating in Hong Kong.